About Friends of Hannah


Truth be told, Friends Of Hannah Rescue, Adoption, and Sanctuary started, minus the official name many years ago. There is no time in my life that I can remember not having multiple dogs and multiple rescued animals that I was hoping to re-home. In 1998, we purchased what is now known as The Hairy Moose Pet Retreat in Gallatin, TN. While The Hairy Moose is primarily a boarding, bathing, grooming and dog day care facility, it is also home to our Friends Of Hannah Rescue, Adoption, and Sanctuary. At the Hairy Moose we make our living caring for dogs and it seemed only fitting to give back to the ones that make our lives possible. In 2003, with the help of my cousin Luke Eidson and friend/employee Karen Abel we started to get our rescue efforts organized. Luke took the initiative to get us enrolled in the Petfinder.com program and to date, Friends Of Hannah has taken in, vaccinated, spayed/neutered and re-homed over 500 animals. Rescue work can be depressing, daunti ng and discouraging. Sadly, we cannot save them all. It is the happy endings that keep us going.

Friends Of Hannah was named for Hannah, my constant companion, a rescued dog from the Sevier County Animal Shelter.

Where We Get Our Animals

Our rescues come from many different sources. They are surrendered by their owners who for whatever reason are unable to care for them anymore. They are surrendered by well meaning community members when they find a dog that they do not want to put in harms way by taking it to a local pound. Often they come from Gallatin Animal Control, a small facility that is faced with the depressing task of euthanizing over 10,000 animals a year!

I wish that there was a way to find homes for all of them, but there are simply too many. The only answer is to spay and neuter. This is a 100% fixable problem. In fact, many communities throughout the country have fixed their pet overpopulation problem with mandatory spay/neuter laws. Changing the laws will not do anything to alleviate the suffering of animals already here, but it will eliminate a great deal of future suffering.

Our Adoption Requirements

We do not have any rigid adoption requirements such as you must have a fence or your children have to be a certain age. Dogs, just like people are individuals and will be placed according to their individual needs.

Our Adoption Fee

Our adoption fee varies depending on the dog and if it had a sponsor.

All dogs going through our program are vaccinated, spayed or neutered, wormed, checked for heartworms, started on heartworm preventative, treated for fleas (Capstar) and started on Flea control (Frontline Top Spot). Additionally, all dogs will be micro chipped prior to placement. This is expensive and we consider our $125.00 adoption fee to be a bargain.

Types of Dogs We Take In

We take dogs in according to AVAILABLE SPACE. Again, we try to evaluate each dog as an individual. Sadly, we must also consider turn around time. We have placed dogs in a few days and we have placed dogs that we have had for as long as 3 years. However, we strive to place as many dogs as possible and if we have to house a dog for months or years, we could rescue many dogs in the time that that one is here. Above all, we strive to do the "greatest good for the greatest number".

We always have dogs here from 5 lbs to 80 lbs, purebreds and mixed breeds, puppies to seniors.

The Adoption Process

A dog is a huge commitment, not unlike a marriage. In fact, many people will have their pet longer than they have their spouse. Adoption should not be entered into lightly or without a "courtship". While we do believe in "love at first sight", we still offer a 30 day unconditional money back guarantee. Dogs can be great companions, but not all dogs are suited for all homes. We also offer the Foster-to-adoption program, where you can foster a dog to see if it is a match for your home and your lifestyle.