Happy Endings from Friends of Hannah

Here are just a few of the many successful adoptions through Friends of Hannah Rescue, Adoption, and Sanctuary:


Harley, formerly known as Bobby McGee is happy at home with his new family.


Here's Abbey, playing at home with one of her new loved ones.

Sadie Mae

This is Neena Mae, now known as Sadie Mae, with her forever person.

Chuck & Daisy

Chuck and Daisy were both adopted from us.


Since moving into his new home, Teddy has taken the KING position! He rides the riding lawnmower with his owner's son and jumps up and sits on the swing with his owner's mother. He is too cute for his own good! He has definitely captured his family's hearts - and his new sister Zoe's too.


This is Peggy, with her baby Gabby.


This is a wiggly Clementine and her wiggly little boy!


This is Buddy with his mom!


This is Hank and his friend Max.


Rocky found his forever home after coming to us from a Metro Animal Control Officer. He had survived in a pen where another dog had died from starvation and neglect. When he didn't get adopted there, she brought him to us. It took a while for Rocky to get adopted, but now he is a real cherished family member.


Baxter found his forever home when Hannah B., his special friend, took him through obedience classes here at The Hairy Moose. Baxter even has a blog on Dogster.com now!


Ellie found her forever home as a therapist to a dog in mourning over the loss of his lifelong friend to cancer.


Isabella also found her lifelong friend with a wonderful family in Springfield.


Bing came to us as at 9 years old, and he was heartworm positive. After a lengthy stay with us he then completed his heartworm treatment and Jean Heard helped us hook him up with the Wilson family of Ontario, Canada! They drove here to pick him up and he is definately living happily ever after. He enjoys neighborhood fame as he helped nab a car thief by alerting his owners late one night by softly "woofing" in his ear to wake him up so that he could sneak up on the burglar and call the police.


This is Beatrice. She was adopted by the Downing family and as you can see she is happily taking over. She is dearly loved by them, especially new dad Jed!


Mabel arrived at Friends Of Hannah in good shape with identification, but her former owner never came to claim her. She was adopted by Amy and she is her constant companion. She often accompanies Amy to work, lying quietly under her feet below her desk. When she is not helping her at work, Mabel is here at The Hairy Moose leading waterworks activities during daycare.


This is Sadie. Rescued at the last minute from the Gallatin pound, she has finally found her forever home with Albert and Linda West. As you can see she is happy to help around her new home.